Construction Equipment Management Software

Effectively assess your equipment utilization

Assess your equipment utilization effectively with our Construction Equipment Management Software.


With our software, you can effectively maximize your investment on equipment

and ensure that each piece of equipment is being used to the fullest extent.

Client Case Study

Metric Contracting Services is a heavy civil contractor that performs excavation to help construct major highways, roadways, railways, shopping malls, airports and sprawling residential subdivisions. With the goal of integrating their business, enhancing decision making capabilities, and improving access to information, Metric came to the realization that their current software solution was no longer going to meet their needs. Metric leveraged Jonas to help enrich the business through improved efficiencies, providing them with a sustainable software solution that would grow with them as the needs of the business increase.



Assess the profitability of each equipment item by tracking all associated expenses as well as revenue from its use on projects or work orders. Easily track usage costs and analyze if you are making or losing money on a specific piece of equipment.


Analyze monthly depreciation for each individual piece of equipment and record it automatically. With this feature, you are able to determine if a piece of equipment is worth continuing to maintain or if it is time to replace the equipment. Depreciation is posted back to each piece of equipment, which is reflected in the general ledger.


Track and report profitability, ownership, maintenance, cost, revenue and location of equipment. Usage hours are directly tracked back to each piece of equipment. Reports can easily be generated outlining the current state of your equipment, and provide insight into the best course of action regarding all equipment.

Fully Integrated

Our construction equipment management software is fully integrated with inventory, general ledger, purchase orders, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll. With complete integration, you can always ensure your financials are accurate and up to date.


Setup and maintain regular maintenance schedules associated with each unit so you can plan for down time resulting from maintenance requirements. This feature helps you better manage your business and organize your equipment scheduling.