Client Case Study

Campbell and Kennedy Electric Ltd. specializes in building and tenant services, design/build and maintenance. Their aim is to satisfy their customers through providing high quality installations that are on time and on budget. With continually improving customer satisfaction and optimizing business operations a priority, Campbell and Kennedy saw an opportunity to make enhancements. They wanted a software solution that could replace their legacy system while providing the business with a more integrated and collaborative environment. Campbell and Kennedy leveraged Jonas to attain these enhanced improvements and efficiencies they deemed necessary to help their business succeed.



  • Subcontracts

    Looks at existing subcontractors on your job or a new one can be selected. Any updates to committed costs or estimates can be directly sent through the module to the subcontractor to complete the change order. Also, you will be automatically notified when the subcontractor replies back.
  • Self-Performed Work

    Create an estimate for the change in summary or detail with the ability to record expenses in detail, as a summary or via upload. Internal change orders can be completed by the user and all outstanding change order can be viewed at any time.
  • Quote to Customer

    With the ability to design your own forms, our contract and change order management software makes it easy to revise, update, and send easy to read change orders to customers. These can be directly sent through the module via email.
  • Contemplated Change Orders

    With our change order management software, handle contemplated change orders with ease. Jonas Construction Software is capable of completing multiple contemplated change orders, with the ability to generate them as one approval.

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