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Construction Estimating, Takeoff & Bidding Software

Start each project on the right track with Jonas Construction Software

Start each project on the right track and better plan each project with

construction estimating, takeoff, and bidding software from Jonas.


Through our partnerships, you can take advantage of our robust construction estimation software

that will allow your business to create and manage estimates and bids from beginning to end.

Client Case Study

Structural Contracting Services, Inc. is a specialty concrete repair and restoration contractor. Their aim is to ensure that each customer’s needs are addressed every step of the way, while maximizing efficiency and minimizing inconvenience. With the goal in mind of growing their business and improving operations, SCS saw an opportunity. They wanted a software solution that could seamlessly integrate all functional areas of the business and streamline operations. SCS leveraged Jonas to handle all aspects of their back-end software needs, providing them with a truly integrated all-in-one solution.



With our construction estimating software solution, you can either upload your estimate directly into Jonas or create the estimate within Jonas manually. Also, use takeoff and send estimates to procurement, which will automatically create the purchase orders and create price quotes.


While creating the estimate in Jonas, you have the ability to edit information and adjust figures, if anything happens to change along the way. This ensures your information is always available in real-time and you are working with the latest information.


Jonas integrates with a variety of third-party estimating and bidding software, providing your business with access to industry-leading software companies. Integrating is easy and can be done directly via the third-party software or uploaded through Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, which will be automatically created and applied to the correct categories within Jonas.

Compare Estimates

With our estimating software, you have the ability to compare estimates with actual costs for material, labor, costs, subcontractors and can run variance reports, allowing you to better track and manage your jobs.