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“Integrated P.O. and inventory systems have saved manpower, prevented input errors, provided cost controls on purchases, and provided paperless tracking of obligations.”

Bruce Kiger,
Vice President,
Continental Flooring Company

A Need for a Different Approach

For mechanical and specialty contractors, the services
portion of their business empowers overall cash flow.
Fulfilling maintenance agreements and emergency
work orders generate cash in high-paced intervals.
Due to the high-paced nature of services, a fully
integrated software that connects technicians,
dispatchers and back-office personnel is the only
way to effectively manage the services portion
of the business. To this end, Jonas provides
an integrated solution to help contractors
effectively perform service management,
generatecash flow and satisfy clients.

Our Integrated Construction Operations Solutions


Make informed, effective business decisions based on the most current and accurate data when your entire business operations are integrated.

Equipment Management

Track and manage equipment performance and profitability on projects and work orders.

Inventory Management

Maintain optimal stock levels with software integrating purchase orders, general ledger, work orders, jobs, and equipment.

Procurement & Purchase Order Management

Control your project and work order costs with accounting and operations integration, automated procurement and PO tracking.

Document Management

Access documents and invoices securely and quickly in a centralized system integrated with your accounting and business operations.

Activate an Operationally Efficient Business and Reduce Profit Loss with Integrated and Automated Construction Software

Mitigate Risk and Make Informed, Smarter Business Decisions

Understand the true state of your costs vs. estimates at any given moment with just-in-time reporting. Make smarter business decisions based on real-time data to improve productivity and bottom-line results.

Automation and Integration of the Complete Software

Automate workflows to improve processing times, reduce human-entry errors and improve customer satisfaction. Improve business communications when you unite your field and backoffice in one integrated software.

Improve Business Profitability

Leverage the siloed operational efficiency gained in individual areas of your business to enhance enterprise operational efficiency and improve profitability for your business overall.

Integrated Solutions for Construction Operations, Designed for Owners and Executives

Just-in-time reports from real-time data to protect your project profit margins.

Powered by Operations Accounting Automation (OAA)

our Integrated Solutions for Construction Operations is a Part of Our Suite of Construction Software Solutions
OAA generates just-in-time cost, accounting and financial information to help businesses make timely decisions to reduce cost overruns and maximize profits and equity. As operational data like change orders, work orders or time entry is entered from the field, data is contextualized into accounting and cost data, which are used to build powerful, timely cost reports so you can make essential and valuable business decisions.

14,000+ Users on Jonas Construction Software

Start using the most accurate data to protect your profits.