Construction Invoicing Software

Tailored solutions for both job costing and service billing

With construction invoicing software from Jonas, you have the option to use multiple invoice methodologies, tailored specifically to the type of industry or industries you work in.


We offer solutions for both job costing and service billing.

Client Case Study

Campbell and Kennedy Electric Ltd. specializes in building and tenant services, design/build and maintenance. Their aim is to satisfy their customers through providing high quality installations that are on time and on budget. With continually improving customer satisfaction and optimizing business operations a priority, Campbell and Kennedy saw an opportunity to make enhancements. They wanted a software solution that could replace their legacy system while providing the business with a more integrated and collaborative environment. Campbell and Kennedy leveraged Jonas to attain these enhanced improvements and efficiencies they deemed necessary to help their business succeed.


Time & Material Billing

Allows for quick, effective, and immediate billing by using labor records as soon as they are available, including purchase order information if required. Make changes and updates as you go, which will be automatically revised within Jonas.


Fixed Price Billing

If you utilize quotes for your service work, fixed price invoicing is available for immediate billing. This allows for a faster turnaround, which means jobs can be done quicker and the billing cycle can be streamlined.

Progress Billing

Easily keep track of your larger projects and quickly view the original contract amount and any changes, along with the dollar amount and percentage completed to date. Also includes AIA billing when necessary.

Flat Rate Billing

If your customers prefer an up-front price, flat rate pricing is also available. With flat rate billing, you can plan ahead and ensure you will be receiving your desired set amount each month.

Cost-Plus Billing

Available to help you manage costs on large projects. Bill customers at a set cost, plus an added amount or markup. This is a single invoicing solution for inventory, equipment, labor, job, and service, all in a single platform.

Charge Out Rates

With our construction invoicing software, create multiple charge out rate tables for multiple customers. You also have the ability to charge inventory, purchase orders, labor, and equipment at the specified charge out rate, which will be automatically billed out.