Construction Payroll & Union Reporting

Manage complex payroll with our robust, full service construction payroll software

Jonas Construction Software provides your construction business the necessary tools to manage complex payroll, such as employees, whether certified, unionized or non-unionized, and ensure that everyone is paid when they should be.


Our robust, full service construction payroll software effectively manages union requirements, federal remittances and year end reporting.

Client Case Study

S&T Group specializes in solutions, general contracting, services, sales and maintenance in electrical, mechanical and technologies, sheet metal, HVAC and refrigeration, plumbing and building management controls in both Canada and the United States. With their goal of better serving their customers, growing their business, and optimizing operational efficiency, S&T Group determined their current software system would not be able to grow with them as the company expanded. S&T Group leveraged Jonas Construction Software to reduce their reliance on manual processes, streamline their operations, and provide greater insight and visibility into the business overall.


Complete Payroll System

Our construction payroll software is fully integrated and capable of handling both US and Canadian payroll systems, as well as all government rules and reporting, along with multi-union processing, reporting, and remittances to funds.

Full Union Capability & Reporting

Union and payroll report generators provide the ability to create detailed reports and setups that will manage the most complex union requirements. Setup multiple unions and rate codes and attach employees to each union rate code applicable. Easily transition from one union to the next to complete your union reporting.

User Friendly

Easily process weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payroll and export to third party payroll services. Automatically charge any burdens and fringes directly to the jobs, as well as allocating your employees time to the job, charge out rates, and automatic overtime entry. With numerous ways to import data such as eTimesheets, time clock, spreadsheets, or manual entry, you can cut down on your overall payroll processing time.

Direct Deposit

Pay your employees faster with direct deposit and reduce the time and cost of printing and delivering paper checks. Easily create a document and upload the information to your preferred bank. This feature ensures your employees and subcontractors are paid on time, enhancing overall satisfaction.

Certified Payroll

Capable of handling payroll for both job costing and service billing. With our payroll software, you can setup rate and fringe tables by job as well as have multiple payroll codes within the same company. Generate regular payroll reports, year-end reports, and tax information directly from our payroll software solution.