Flo-tron Contracting Case Study


Flo-Tron Contracting Inc., a leading HVAC company specializing in design, installation, and maintenance of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, faced challenges with their existing construction software, Maxwell. The lack of integration, cumbersome nature, and time-consuming processes prompted Flo-Tron to search for a comprehensive HVAC construction management software solution that addresses their pain points. That’s when they discovered Jonas Construction Software.

Before Jonas Construction Software:

1. Limited software integration.

2. Cumbersome HVAC project management.

3. Poor reporting capabilities.

4. High dependency on consultants.

After Jonas Construction Software:

1. Fully integrated software solution.

2. Streamlined HVAC operations.

3. Comprehensive reporting capabilities.

4. Reduced consultant dependency.

The Challenge: Inefficient Construction Accounting Software and Limited Reporting Capabilities

Kerry Cordell, the Controller at Flo-Tron Contracting, stated, “Maxwell was a lot more cumbersome than what we were dealing with right now. We couldn’t do the same kind of reporting. We had to have assistance every time there wasn’t a report writer per see.”

The system lacked seamless integration, leading to inefficiencies across the company. Additionally, the cumbersome nature of the accounting construction software made it difficult for the team to navigate and use effectively.

The Solution: Jonas Construction Software’s Fully Integrated HVAC Construction Software Solution

Determined to address these issues, Flo-Tron Contracting turned to Jonas Construction Software for a fully integrated, user-friendly HVAC construction software solution that would improve their operational efficiency. Jonas Construction Software offered numerous features tailored to Flo-Tron’s needs, such as streamlined HVAC project management, efficient service billing, real-time data access, and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

A Seamless Transition and Exceptional Support

Flo-Tron experienced a smooth transition to Jonas Construction Software, thanks to the exceptional support provided by the Jonas team. The training process was well-supported, and Flo-Tron was able to learn the software at their own pace. The company now frequently utilizes the test company feature, allowing them to experiment and learn new functionalities without any risk.

The Impact: Streamlined Processes and Enhanced HVAC Project Management

With Jonas Construction Software, Flo-Tron saw significant improvements in their HVAC operations. Payroll processing time was reduced by 50%, and the time spent on union reporting was drastically decreased. The implementation of eTimesheets allowed employees to log their own hours, further reducing the time spent on payroll tasks.

Conclusion: A Successful Partnership for Continued Growth

Flo-Tron Contracting’s partnership with Jonas Construction Software has revolutionized their HVAC operations, enhanced productivity, and improved communication throughout the company. The fully integrated HVAC construction software solution has allowed them to optimize their service operation, reduce duplicate entries, and speed up service billing. Project managers now utilize Jonas Construction Software for better scheduling and HVAC project management, leading to increased visibility and improved project performance.

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About Jonas Construction Software

Jonas Construction Software delivers industry-leading construction accounting software solutions in one integrated ERP system. Our fully-integrated solutions in construction accounting, service management, project management and integrated operations, enable businesses to enhance their operational efficiency and improve bottom line profitability. At Jonas, our mission is to empower service and construction businesses to make informed decisions and have enhanced visibility into business operations and costs by providing them with the most timely and accurate data and reporting. 

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