Masterclass Ep 38: Construction Billing Methods: Progress Billing

Masterclass Ep 38: Construction Billing Methods: Progress Billing


Billing for construction projects can get complicated.

The large scale and long-term duration of jobs, coupled with complex contractual obligations and costly overhead, makes choosing the proper billing practices essential to ensuring accuracy and faster payments.

Whether you’re using progress billing, cost-plus billing, or time and materials contracts, Jonas Construction Software has you covered. Our software is designed to help construction & service companies streamline their AR billing process.

In our next installment of the Masterclass series, we’ll be looking at the most common construction billing methods, starting with progress billing.

Join us for a discussion on progress billing best practices, and how Jonas enables you to keep your job costing and accounting in perfect sync.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • The pros and cons of progress billing
  • Progress billing best practices and workflows
  • Managing lien waivers
  • Tracking & releasing retainage/holdback

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