11 Customer Support Services You Want in Construction Management Software

11 Customer Support Services You Want in Construction Management Software

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Sept 25, 2019

When it comes to selecting a construction management software, some obvious items a user will want to check off are items like scalability of the software, how well it integrates with some of your existing software or better yet – if it can replace some applications as a complete construction management solution.

These are all legitimate concerns and items you’ll want to assess prior to making your decision, but what about after the sale? Some things you’ll want to consider are if your construction management software is proactive in consistently developing and improving its software and what the after-sales services aka customer support is like.

Continued customer support services may be one of the most underrated items a business considers when it comes to selecting a construction management software. How well a construction management software company cares for its clients after launching the software is just as important, if not more than prior to the launch of the software in your business.

A well-constructed customer support team can help you maximize the software’s capabilities to improve your business workflows and processes, foresee upcoming changes/requirements of your business/industry and provide solutions for them, and resolve software issues as stress-free and quickly as possible.

Save yourself the headache and impending long hours over the phone with support and make these assessments on the Customer Support services offered from your construction management software first.

Prior to Launching Your Construction Management Software

If you’ve done your research, you may already know that implementing a construction management software solution is a lengthy process. There are a number of variables that need to be met prior to going live with your business. If you are under a strict timeline, you want to make sure that your Customer Support’s Project Management team is capable of helping you launch on time and is prepared for any roadblocks.

Here’s what a prepared and professional customer support service team will provide:

  1. A realistic training schedule that can be integrated into your business schedule. Assess the training provided and what format it is provided in. Are there webinars, one-on-one consultations, in-person or online group training? What type of training would work best with your staff?
  1. A timeline for overall execution of the construction software.
  2. A competent and knowledgeable Project Manager or Consultant that can quickly grasp your business workflows and practices and is successfully able to translate that into the software. Don’t be afraid to ask for references from other businesses who have worked with your consultant/project manager/software company or refer to the testimonials page of the construction management software provider.
  1.  A contingency plan in the event of any delays in training or transferring of information.
  2.  A clear description of expectations and requirements from both your staff and the software’s team to ensure the software is successfully deployed according to schedule. 

Ongoing and Continued Training and Customer Support After Software Implementation

As we mentioned earlier, the type of customer support and training a software company offers after deployment should be highly considered when assessing construction management software – or any software or technology for your business. Some tangible Customer Support services your business can look out for after the software is deployed include:

  1.  A dedicated account manager and/or customer support team to refer to for any future issues and/or questions. 
  2.  A set of standard training documentation provided from the initial training offered.  
  3.  Access to 24/7 Customer Support services or clearly indicated hours of Customer Support services during and after work hours. 
  4.  Continued training and support for new modules and functions through webinars, in-person or online. 
  5. Access to an online learning and troubleshooting database such as a Knowledge Base. Look for a variety of training documentations such as screenshots, videos, step-by-step instructions.
  6. A forum for discussion, exchange of ideas and best practices with your peers and other users of the software.

If you were able to check off seven to 10 of the 11 items from the Customer Support services above, you should have a relatively good Customer Support service team to rely on. If you’d like more information on the type of Customer Support services Jonas offers, check out our Support Services page or leave us a comment below!

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