Manage Your Project Life-Cycle Effectively with a Construction Management Solution

Manage Your Project Life-Cycle Effectively with a Construction Management Solution

Oct 06, 2015

You are a project manager. You are tasked with ensuring each project is completed on time and on budget, from start to finish. Whether the project is small or large, you understand the difficulties with keeping all aspects of the plan organized. That is a job all on its own. The issues that project managers face involve data management, scheduling complications, time and phase management, reporting, as well as tracking submittals, transmittals, RFI’s and change orders; just to name a few. Instead of accepting challenges as just being “part of the job” and using patchwork methods to “solve” problems on your construction site, a better way exists: construction project management software. Utilizing a construction management software will provide you with the necessary information and tools required in today’s construction industry to be successful.
Dashboard View
All pertinent information, including all billings, costing, labor, materials, committed costs, change orders, purchase orders and profitability are displayed in a single view dashboard. From this dashboard, you are able to drill down to access more details and view the actual documents. With all of the information already stored and integrated directly into the system, reports can be generated quickly and efficiently. An essential aspect of a construction management software solution is being able to report on information in real-time. With Jonas’ Project Management functionality you are able to utilize status reports sent out by Jonas with threshold management built in. This collaborative feature automatically sends alerts via e-mail, which ensures you are reporting on what’s important to your business today.
Document Management
Keeping your documents organized is a key aspect of managing any project. This is where a system like Jonas’ Digio (document management solution) can prove effective. If some of the information is stored electronically, while the rest is on paper, it is easy to see how things could get lost in the shuffle. By having all information centralized and integrated into one location, not only does finding documents become a lot easier and less time consuming, but also helps to streamline workflow and approval processes. Automating the routing process allows for timely decision making so your projects can move along without any undue hiccups or delays.
Ensuring your projects are going according to schedule is vital to the success of each project. It is easy to lose track of which worker is completing what task, when the task will be complete, and even what materials are being used. The Project Scheduler from Jonas, gives project managers a detailed view of each project. Project managers can schedule employees, subcontractors and equipment simultaneously, all within a timeline view. It shows the start to finish dates, critical and non-critical activities, committed costs, slack time, and predecessor relationships. This is also commonly referred to as a Gantt chart, which shows the schedule of activities for a project and shows relationships of phases.
Make your life easier and your projects more efficient with a Construction Management Software Solution from Jonas Construction Software.

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