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Procore is a leading provider of construction management software. Over 1 million projects and more than $1 trillion USD in construction volume have run on Procore’s platform. Our platform connects every project stakeholder to solutions we’ve built specifically for the construction industry—for the owner, the general contractor, and the specialty contractor. Procore’s App Marketplace has a multitude of partner solutions that integrate seamlessly with our platform, giving construction professionals the freedom to connect with what works best for them.
Alt text: "The Jonas Construction logo written in a sleek, gray, sans-serif font against a clean white background with a subtle shadow detail providing depth to the letters.


Allpriser Ltd is a Canadian company publishing standard list pricing for materials used in the Plumbing, Heating, Waterworks, HVAC Electrical and Fire Protection industries.

. The "b2w" letters are in a bright blue color, potentially indicating high reliability and stability in the construction software market. The word "software" is written at the bottom of the hexagon, indicating that b2w is a type of construction software offered by Jonas Construction Software.

B2W Software

Enterprise-class construction estimating and bidding software and browser-based field tracking and analysis, resource planning and dispatching, and equipment maintenance and repair management.

The image depicts the Callahan Roach Business Solutions logo, which is targeted towards mechanical contractors. The logo includes a black square containing three white horizontal lines intersecting the thick stylized letters "cr". Beneath this design element, the words "callahan roach business solutions™" are spelled out in crisp, professional lettering.


Flat Rate Pricing for the HVAC industry.

Alt text: Logo for Jonas Construction Software, a company specialized in integrated solutions for contractors. Represented by a stylized compass symbol above the bold-text company name, set against a plain green background. The modern font emphasizes innovation in corporate spending for specialty contractors.

Corporate Spending Innovations

Since 1989, Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI) has provided innovative payment solutions with the highest level of customer service to world leading brands. The company’s highly secure payment products increase compliance, reduce fraud, and simplify reconciliations. CSI has earned multiple awards, including the 2015 CODiE Award for the software industry’s best financial management system. With one payment file upload to CSI Paysystems, customers can automate 100% of their B2B payables and disburse global payments through virtual credit card, private network, ACH, check, or FX with cross-border payments settled in local currency.

Company - Fleet Complete

Fleet Complete

Fleet Complete Fleet Tracker provides the ability to pro-actively manage and react to fleet exceptions as well as the ability to report on reoccurring events.

written in a smaller, thinner font. A dark blue circle surrounds the text and types of construction tools such as a wrench and hammer are subtly incorporated into the design of the logo.


Geotab securely connects vehicles to the internet, providing advanced analytics to manage your fleet. Processing over 1.7 billion data points daily, Geotab leverages big data and machine learning to help businesses manage safety, compliance, and improve productivity and efficiency.

ized radar or map, suggesting GPS tracking and location services.


GPSTrackIt.com is an industry leader in GPS tracking solutions for businesses since 1999. Their GPS tracking solutions help businesses reduce expenses and increase profits by tracking driver behavior and route optimization, as well as protecting a company’s valuable equipment assets.


iTrack Solutions provides various GPS tracking technologies.

Alt text: Jonas Construction's logo, featuring a transparent globe symbolizing global operations on the left, accompanied by the company name in bold black letters on a fade grey background. The design resonates with a digital and international construction business.

Marketing Internet Directory

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Alt text: "Logo of Navtrak showcasing a stylized icon representing mechanical contractors in gray, adjacent to the brand name 'navtrak' written in black lowercase letters on a clean white background.


A leader in mobile resources and fleet management services

reading "A Michelin group company." There is also a simple, abstract symbol to the left of the name, made up of two intertwined lines in shades of blue and green. Above all elements, there is small Michelin's iconic tyre-shaped logo in blue.


NexTraq—a MICHELIN® group company, is more than a provider of vehicle and asset tracking solutions. The company is a valued GPS fleet, ELD compliance and workforce management partner to its customers throughout North America.
blue circle with a line cutting through the middle, symbolizing precision and accuracy.


ProEst is powerful, easy-to-use construction estimating and digital takeoff software that helps companies quickly create accurate, competitive bids. It includes a materials database and support for many price updating services. A SQL database provides seamless integration with Jonas.

Logo for 'profit strategies' targeting specialty contractors, featuring bold black typography against a white backdrop, with a distinguishing open circle depicting the letter 'o' in 'profit'.

Profit Strategies

A flat rate repair pricing system designed to help you satisfy your customers, build higher profits, and retain loyal employees.

Alt text: Logo for "Quick Bid" Construction Software, featuring stylized text and a graphic of a split circle resembling half pie chart in monochrome color scheme.


Construction estimating software which enables you to be more thorough and productive by automating many of the functions. Bids can be adjusted easily and quickly, allowing you to recalculate last-minute addendum changes. Quick Bid gives you the ability to quickly generate new estimates, allowing you to increase your chances to win more bids and grow your profits.

Alt text: "Jonas Construction's logo, displaying the word 'reltima' in uppercase block letters. The letter 'a' integrates a stylized triangular peak, signifying strength and stability in construction; all on a clean white background.


Reltima is a GPS Fleet Tracking provider that manufactures user-friendly wireless systems that enable companies to track and manage their fleets.

Alt text: Logo with the bold, black, italicized text 'construction accounting software' featuring a shadow effect, set against a light background. The text is underlined exemplifying the key offering of Jonas Construction Software.

Resource Help

To give viewers the most useful resources, top sites, newest sites,  references, homework study, and informational links.  New categories and links are added through research, reviews, magazines and by your suggestions and submittals. The focus is linking the best resource sites on the Internet in helping you discover great content from across the Web. There are many excellent resources coming online everyday and ResourceHelp is linking what we think the world is searching for.ResourceHelp is updated daily/weekly with new sites. We check the links monthly and if they are not active they get deleted on the third try. 

construction crane underneath the text.


SensLynx provides a complete state-of-the-art fleet tracking solution with an Hours of Service component available to be sold through a local partner. Our digital GPS service allows customers to monitor vehicle movements on their computer or smartphone. Get instant alerts on your email or phone. Set geo-fences, speed limits and more. Lower your fuel costs and increase productivity.

Logo for SmartFleet composed of a star and black text, accompanied by the tagline 'GPS tracking and fleet management solutions.'


Global Positioning System (GPS) technology can transform the way you manage your business by providing real-time visibility into what’s happening in the field. GPS has the potential to help improve the safety of your fleets, improve the efficiency of your drivers, provide your clients superior customer service and ultimately improve your bottom line.

rings in shades of blue, with each ring encircling a small dot. The design suggests advanced technology and connectivity.


End-to-end enterprise platform that provides strategic and dynamic routing, real-time work order management, telematics and mobile integration on a single platform — everything necessary to manage the lifecycle of a work order.

with a darker shade for the word and lighter shade for the swoosh. The logo is set against a clean, white background, conveying a sense of simplicity and efficiency.


Real-time GPS to manage your business.

smaller grey letters beneath. The company's circular logo is on the left, with abstract blue and white geometric shapes representing construction plans or blueprints.

Trade Service

A leading provider of standardized product and price information to the electrical, plumbing/PVF, HVACR, industrial MRO, and office products industries.

dominated by shades of blue and white, with the icon being a deeper, navy-like blue and the font in a lighter, sky-blue color.


Trimble integrates a wide range of positioning technologies including GPS, laser, optical and inertial technologies with application software, wireless communications, and services to provide complete commercial solutions.

A visually appealing logo of Jonas Construction Software, styled uniquely as 'winest' using lowercase letters in a sophisticated shade of gray. The name "Jonas Construction Software" is tastefully placed beneath the main logo written in a relatively smaller font size.


Cost estimating software for construction firms, builders, and general contractors. Products, online training, services, partners, and job opportunities.

Logo of Jonas Construction Software's 'wireless matrix' showcasing sleek typography. The word 'matrix' is written in bold, with horizontal lines stretching out from the letters, symbolizing digital connectivity within the construction industry.

Wireless Matrix

GPS Fleet Tracking Software from Wireless Matrix increases productivity, reduces costs and ultimately impacts your bottom line.

Alt Text: "Logo for ChargeItPro, featuring an abstract grey image suggestive of layered sheets or mechanical components, positioned above the company's name written in upper-case letters.


Simplified payments with ChargeItPro
ChargeItPro payment processing directly integrates into the Jonas Construction Software payment process, eliminating the wasted time and hassle of coordinating multiple payment platforms. ChargeItPro offers affordable rates, clear and transparent terms, and always-free 24/7 live human support.
– No need to enter payment information on multiple platforms
– No need to run payments externally
– Saves time and removes unnecessary processes
approach, employing solid colors and geometric shapes.


Titan GPS specializes in GPS Fleet Tracking, ELDs, and other Fleet Management solutions to help fleets across the US save money and Boost their Bottom-Line.
The image features a sleek and modern logo design for an "autoconnect" tool specifically tailored for specialty contractors. The logo, displayed on a clean, white background for clear visibility, presents the terms "auto" and "connect" blended together in an innovative way to clearly convey the functionality of the software. The words are designed using bold typography in grey color to create contrast against the light backdrop while maintaining a professional look that appeals to our targeted industry professionals.


AutoConnect’s mapping dashboard interface is part of a “World Class” end to end GPS fleet management solution.  
Alt text: "Logo featuring the words 'lcp tracker' in stylized lettering for specialty contractors. A creative design element is the integration of a lighthouse within the letter 'a', with rays of light radiating from its top, symbolizing guidance and trust for our software services.

LCP Tracker

LCPtracker is the leading software solution for construction site compliance management, certified payroll and workforce reporting. 
located at the upper right corner of the webpage.


Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company is a Canadian specialty lines insurance and surety company. Through a select network of national and regional brokerage firms, Trisura Guarantee provides innovative solutions and expertise in Contract, Developer and Commercial Surety, Directors’ and Officers’ Liability, Fidelity, Professional Liability including Media, Technology and Cyber Liability, Property, Casualty and Warranty products. Trisura Guarantee is rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company. 
Logo for Jonas Construction Time with bold, dark gray text, and 'time' in light gray. The letter 'm' in 'time' incorporates a magnifying glass icon.


mJobTime combines flexibility, configurability, and customizability with a great feature set and outstanding service to offer our customers the most powerful time tracking solution in construction.
smaller, regular typeface. The logo is minimalist and modern, creating a sense of simplicity and efficiency.

XOI Technologies

As one of the fastest growing startups in Nashville, Tennessee, XOi Technologies is changing the way field service companies in the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing industries capture data, communicate with stakeholders, and service their customers. XOi Vision is a cloud-based mobile application that puts the resources remote field technicians need in the palm of their hands through access to a comprehensive library of manuals and diagrams, training content, and the ability to facilitate real-time remote video support. Workflow automation ensures every job is accurately and visually documented for both internal record and external customer transparency. Through artificial intelligence, Vision simplifies technicians’ work, validates consistent quality, and transforms the customer experience. To learn more, visit http://www.xoi.io.
The "Trak It" logo, depicted in sleek lowercase black text on a fresh green backdrop. The word "it" is encapsulated within an illustrative gray map pin icon, signifying the software's tracking functionality that is vital for specialty contractors. Adorned with a registered trademark symbol, the logo embodies professionalism and authenticity in the construction field.
Trak-iT™ is a global leader in GPS tracking, Fleet Management and custom software development. Based out of Toronto, Canada, Trak-iT™ Wireless Inc, has decades of experience providing service based software solutions in geolocation and fleet management. All our solutions are hardware and network agnostic and can be accessed anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
with the left one appearing slightly taller. These rectangles symbolize construction tasks importance hierarchy. The logo embodies a modern, software-oriented take on construction management tools.

About Time

AboutTime is a market leader in remote data collection and real-time business intelligence for companies managing a mobile workforce.