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Construction Job Costing

Easily track, manage, and analyze the progress of each job

Job Costing is at the very core of Jonas Construction Software. With that being said, our construction job costing software is fully integrated, making it easy to track, manage, and analyze the progress of each job.


The ability to drill-down into the details of each document makes accessing information quick and easy, allowing you to make accurate, more informed decisions.

Client Case Study

BCI Mechanical Inc. specializes in air conditioning and plumbing solutions, primarily servicing the private residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Their mission is to be North Texas’ premier heating, cooling, and plumbing company. With the aim of growing their business, enhancing customer satisfaction, and integrating their functional areas, BCI began to realize their current software system was no longer going to meet their needs going forward. With that being said, BCI leveraged Jonas Construction Software to provide them with greater access to information, better visibility and tracking, and a software solution that could grow with them into the future.


Stay Ahead of the Curve

With the ability to track the progress of each job, unprofitable jobs or any unexpected surprises can be dealt with before they become a larger problem. Our job costing software is also able to match payments to invoices, which helps to avoid over-billing. This also helps to better manage your cash flow, as you are able to record only what has been received.

Accurate Reporting

Being able to drill down to the documents of each job, accurate reports can easily be created reflecting the most up-to-date information available in the Jonas system. With our construction job costing software, all aspects are user definable and customizable. You can design your own reports with the backing of our built in, fully integrated business intelligence tool.

Real-Time Costs

Because our job costing software is integrated with all aspects of Jonas, attaining real-time cost updates from other core modules within Jonas such as inventory and equipment, payroll, and accounts payable is a breeze. All documents created within Jonas Construction Software are stored by job, completely integrated, and easily accessible at all times.

True Automation

Costs are automatically updated and reflected in the job cost module when entered into other areas within Jonas Construction Software. Jobs and estimates can either be created automatically or imported from a third-party solution. Our construction job costing software is also able to automatically calculate any expenses on payroll and apply those expenses directly to the job costing.

Fully Integrated

Jonas Construction Software was designed with job costing, service, and equipment as the core modules. Job costing is fully integrated with all aspects of Jonas, meaning your information will always be accurate and real-time. Being fully integrated, our job costing software can leverage as well as schedule projects. The job costing module can also automatically update and track conflicts, effectively avoiding double booking of equipment and employees.

Automated Forecasting

Our job costing software has the ability to complete automated forecasts with intelligent projections. With this feature, you are able to forecast cost to complete for each job and attain final costs as well. With projects changing on a regular basis, this feature will allow you to effectively adapt to any changes to the job and ensure your jobs stay on budget and according to plan.