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Construction Job Scheduling Software

Create, update, and manage your job schedules with the Project Scheduler from Jonas

Need Help with Tracking Project Schedules? One of the most difficult aspects of running your construction business is keeping track of your schedules and their progress. At Jonas Construction Software, we have created a construction scheduling software solution that can help make this process easier and put this information right at your fingertips. Our software is designed to be easy to use and provide the information you need at a single tap on your screen. You can easily track your job schedules and track any progress or changes in real time.


Our construction scheduling software is a fully integrated solution that is easily accessible from the job site, as well as the office, so you are always in touch with what’s going on in your project. Every time a new milestone is met or set or another change is made, the entire system will update and everyone will have instant access to the information. This makes keeping track of all of your construction projects fast and easy, whether you’re on the job site or you are doing work in the office.

Client Case Study

Malek, Inc. Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors specializes in commercial and residential heating and air conditioning systems sales, repair and maintenance. Service is a top priority and customer loyalty is their goal. Aiming to reduce the amount of manual processes, increase the speed in which they could access information, as well as grow their business, Malek quickly realized Great Plains was not going to be able to handle their construction software needs. Malek leveraged Jonas to improve the efficiency of their operation from top to bottom and provide them with a construction-specific software solution that could handle their business needs today, as well as in the future.


Easy to Use

Schedule laborers and equipment simultaneously while having the ability to view everything on an easy-to-read timeline. Our project scheduler utilizes a Gantt chart format, which displays the schedule of activities for each project.

Single View

With Jonas’ construction job scheduling software, quickly view all project schedule timelines and phases from one screen.

Complete View of Each Job

Our construction scheduler software shows the start to finish dates, percentage of the job complete, critical and non-critical activities, slack time, and predecessor relationships.

Create Customized Views

When you use our construction scheduling software, you can customize the way you view the information with the flexible Gantt Chart format. This allows everyone to quickly and easily access and understand the information.