Masterclass Ep 35: Field Data Entry To Capture Real-Time Costs

Masterclass Ep 35: Field Data Entry To Capture Real-Time Costs


Automate Your Payroll and Job Cost Processes With Field Time & Field Manager.

Connecting your field operations to the back office has never been easier. 

With only a single point of entry, Jonas’ time-entry solution takes the guesswork out of workforce time tracking. Foreman hours and expenses are entered directly from a mobile device and then sent to the project manager for approval. Once approved, this will automatically update committed costs so you can view updated job cost and payroll reports, creating accurate costing in real-time. 

The Field Manager tool allows the site supervisor, project manager, or foremen to tackle additional daily tasks, allowing them to manage materials and change orders, enter production units, record non-operated equipment usage, and create daily logs with ease while staying in the same application. 
Make chasing down timesheets a thing of the past. 

Join us on Thursday, June 16th, 2022, at 12:00 PM EST for a webinar on how you can improve processes in the field and capture costs in real-time with Jonas’ field data entry solutions.   

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • Time entry from the field with geo-fencing
  • Equipment and production entry
  • Daily field reporting
  • Material management (Creating & Receiving PO’s, Requisitions)
  • Change Order entry

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