Client Case Study

In 2001, Concept Group knew they needed a new software solution. After incorporating in 2000, their business was quickly expanding into the thriving oil and mining sectors in Alberta. Their QuickBooks® software simply could not keep pace. Simply put, “the company was growing and needed a more sophisticated, well-rounded tool,” says Bob Gillis, General Manager, Service Group.


Bob Gillis - Concept Electric Ltd.


  • Complete Work from Job Location

    With our mobile construction software, technicians can capture signatures directly from their mobile device and provide them with a customer summary sheet detailing the work completed. With this feature, manual work orders are a thing of the past, which are susceptible to loss or damage.
  • Automatic Synchronization

    Work order information from the field automatically synchronizes directly back into Jonas Construction Software to update payroll and billing information. Internet access is not required while working, as you can enter the information offline and upload to Jonas once internet access is regained.
  • Improved Efficiency

    Keep technicians on the road and more productive with our mobile construction software. With this feature, technicians are no longer required to return back to the office to hand in manual work orders. It is also unnecessary to call technicians with information for new or existing calls when they arrive or leave the job site.
  • Improved Data Accuracy

    The dispatcher does not need to re-key the information from a manual ticket that the technician has written, as the technician has already submitted the work order directly from their mobile device. This eliminates the need for double entry, which saves time and reduces human error.
  • Faster Turnaround & Improved Cash Flow

    With our mobile construction software solution, technicians save about 15-20 minutes per service call which results in more jobs being performed per day. They are also able to complete invoicing in the field, which can be processed and approved the same day, effectively speeding up the billing cycle.

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