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Purchase Order & Procurement Software

Order inventory and equipment with full control of your invoicing

As with all aspects of Jonas, our construction purchase order and procurement software is fully integrated to inventory, work order, and job costing.


This module easily facilitates the ordering of inventory and equipment while giving you control of your invoicing.

Client Case Study

The WISL Group provides commercial and industrial clients with a host of expert industrial services. They are firmly committed to being the leader in delivering industrial and heavy commercial specialty construction services. With the goal of integrating their functional areas and improving their business processes, Western Industrial saw an opportunity to make a change for the better. They wanted a software solution that could replace their legacy system while enhancing the overall efficiency and productivity of their operations. WISL leveraged Jonas Construction Software to improve upon their current processes and provide them with a sustainable software solution that could meet their business needs.


Complete Purchase Order System

With our construction purchase order software, easily order inventory and non-inventory items, which automatically creates a committed cost in the job cost system. When you receive items from the purchase order, our intelligent design tells you what the amount of the purchase order should be based only on the received items.

True Integration

Our purchase order software can complete inquiries by selected purchase orders, all purchase orders, jobs, equipment, supplier and parts. You can also use our purchase order module to create subcontracts, with the ability to design and customize your own forms. Also, our takeoff module is able to automatically create purchase orders in the procurement module.

User Friendly

With complete integration between purchase orders and accounts payable, reports can easily be generated displaying committed/remaining committed costs and invoiced/paid amounts. Optimize the receiving and accounts payable process with packing slips, which reduce time and errors due to the automated functionality.

Streamlined Purchasing Process

Our construction procurement software provides you with three ways to generate purchase orders: replenishment of inventory stock, automation of requisition orders, or manually. With multiple options for generating purchasing orders, your business will have the flexibility to choose the most appropriate method for each job.