Client Case Study

In 2001, Concept Group knew they needed a new software solution. After incorporating in 2000, their business was quickly expanding into the thriving oil and mining sectors in Alberta. Their QuickBooks® software simply could not keep pace. Simply put, “the company was growing and needed a more sophisticated, well-rounded tool,” says Bob Gillis, General Manager, Service Group.


Bob Gillis - Concept Electric Ltd.


  • Improved Efficiency

    Promotes a paperless environment, with the ability to log information online instantly and no need to prepare paper timesheets. Hours worked entered by technicians are easily imported into Jonas, with only an approval required to finalize in payroll. If corrections are required, a notification can be sent to the technician or manager to revise.
  • Improves Data Accuracy

    Our mobile construction timesheet software eliminates the need for double entry of hours, which saves time and reduces errors. With only one single point of entry, technician hours and expenses are entered by themselves directly from their mobile device, which avoids the need to re-key the data.
  • Faster Turnaround & Improved Cash Flow

    With the ability to enter hours directly from the field, you can process payroll quicker and invoice clients faster. By streamlining the payroll process, not only will your employees and customers be paid on time, but you will also get paid faster as well.
  • Reduced Operating Costs

    Our mobile construction timesheet software eliminates the need for technicians to return to the office to submit their hours worked manually. This allows technicians to be more productive and take on more jobs, while further reducing expenses as well.
  • Fully Integrated

    Field Time is fully integrated with the Jonas payroll module and the document management system. You have the ability to view all active and completed jobs. With drag and drop capabilities, technician hours can be applied across multiple technicians. With user-defined forms, customize the look and feel of your forms.

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