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All Temp Refrigeration Case Study


Since adapting Jonas, All Temp Engineer, Dustin Pohlman and his team have capitalized on the opportunities to improve their reporting capabilities and accelerate business processes with new modules.

All Temp Refrigeration added two additional modules to their software after their initial launch of Jonas: Inventory Management and Equipment Management. To ease the transition to Jonas, they chose not to add the modules initially as their previous software did not offer these capabilities.

With the Inventory Management module, All Temp has increased accountability and inventory knowledge by recording approximately 1,500 parts in Jonas. They have also found that the addition of the module has eased other business processes, particularly in billing.

The Equipment Management module has provided them with numerous benefits as well. Since they have been able to record all their equipment in Jonas, they are delivering better reporting with more accurate equipment utilization on the jobs. Prior to implementation, job profitability was misleading as equipment was either not charged to a job or charged incorrectly. Now they have more accurate job costing and can see how profitable each piece of equipment is based on its utilization.

Today, All Temp continues to set targets to level out their workload and drive their company to be even more efficient by using more of Jonas’ features.

In addition to the vast improvements All Temp has found in expediting business processes, better reporting and more accurate job costing, they’ve also been very pleased with the high level of customer support they received from the Jonas team.

“What I say strongly about Jonas is that the people are always going to be there [for you]. It’s a well-run organization,” said Dustin Pohlman, All Temp Engineer. “They really care about their customers and want their customer to succeed.”

Original Case Study

All Temp Refrigeration specializes in meeting the particular needs of the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC), Combustion, and Refrigeration markets. While their software system proved useful during the initial stages of the business, as All Temp Refrigeration continued to grow, they quickly realized Aptora was no longer going to meet their needs. With the inability to leverage their software system to produce meaningful results the way their business required, All Temp Refrigeration came to the conclusion that a new software solution was necessary. That solution was Jonas Construction Software.

Recognizing The Problem

Before implementing Jonas Construction Software, All Temp Refrigeration was using Aptora Field Service Software to handle their software needs. Although Aptora was an acceptable software system at the time, as the needs of the business began to grow, All Temp Refrigeration found themselves wanting greater capabilities and functionalities out of their software system. For starters, it was quite difficult to manage their 10 divisions and 4 office locations, as Dustin Pohlman, Manager at All Temp Refrigeration stated, “Had we been a single division, residential heating and air conditioning company, Aptora would have done fine for us. However, where Aptora really struggled was in trying to manage our multiple divisions and locations.” Also, Aptora was a very labor-intensive software when it came to generating detailed reports, and was time consuming to create job costing reports as well. With a software system that was cumbersome to use and unyielding when it came to providing detailed and useful information, it became quite evident to All Temp Refrigeration that a new software solution would be required if they wanted to be able to manage their expanding business.

Jonas Construction Software To The Rescue

Since transitioning to Jonas Construction Software, All Temp Refrigeration is now able to perform payroll in-house, while centralizing their accounts payable and accounts receivable in one location as well. One of the biggest areas of improvement All Temp Refrigeration has experienced is accounts payable. “With our old way of doings things, we had 4 people handling accounts payable at each of our office locations, each performing their jobs differently. What Jonas has allowed us to do is have 1 person handle the accounts payable for all of our locations, which not only enhances the consistency of our information, but also allows us to better manage and make sense of the information,” stated Dustin Pohlman. All Temp Refrigeration has also been able to improve their overall day sales outstanding by 33% since implementing Jonas. Another area All Temp Refrigeration has been able to improve with Jonas has been their job costing. With the ability to perform real-time job costing, they are able to see how each job is performing at all times, allowing them to make more informed and proactive decisions. On the service side, the service dispatch from Jonas allows them to keep track of work orders and billing, ensuring their customers are billed in a timely fashion, and they no longer have to wait for physical paperwork to be brought into the office for processing.


In the time that All Temp Refrigeration has been in partnership with Jonas Construction Software, the gains experienced have been significant. Jonas has allowed All Temp Refrigeration to better report on technician unbillable hours, providing them with the capability to benchmark performance against all divisions, something they were unable to do with their previous software. As Dustin Pohlman stated, “With Jonas, we were not only able to identify a 15% technician unbillable rate, but we could also specifically identify the unbillable hours of each location, giving us the ability to better manage each individual location and make the appropriate corrections as required.” Another benefit they experienced was during the initial implementation stages. All Temp Refrigeration liked the fact that Jonas only utilizes internal training consultants, and not third-party or outsourced trainers, as external consultants are typically not as knowledgeable about the product itself. They found their trainer to be excellent and felt that they were put in a position to succeed from the outset. All Temp Refrigeration also found the Jonas Test Company to be extremely valuable, as they were able to practice using the software in a simulated environment that reflected how they would actually operate the software once live on Jonas.


The partnership between All Temp Refrigeration and Jonas Construction Software has been successful thus far, and as All Temp Refrigeration continues to grow, they know they have a software solution in place that can grow with them. From payroll, to accounts payable, to job costing and even service dispatch, All Temp Refrigeration has already made great improvements to help enhance the overall operations and management of their business. Jonas Construction Software has provided All Temp Refrigeration with a fully integrated solution that has allowed them to centralize all of their business processes within one software system, greatly enhancing consistency and stability across the entire organization. With access to accurate, real-time information, All Temp Refrigeration is now able to make quicker and more informed decisions, becoming more efficient in the process. With Jonas Construction Software, All Temp Refrigeration truly has a partner for life and can now focus on operating and growing their business.

About Jonas Construction Software

Jonas Construction Software provides industry-leading business management and accounting software to our clients. Our fully-integrated solutions provide all of the tools that you need to increase productivity and improve your bottom line. At Jonas, we make it easier for companies to focus on what is important – their customers, their projects and their employees. We do this by streamlining their operations and giving better visibility to the entire organization. This gives your employees the tools to do their jobs better, support your customers and achieve your company goals. Over 25 years ago, we made a promise called ‘Software for Life’. This is our commitment to never phase out any of our products and to continue to invest in improving them, so you’ll never have to implement a new system. Jonas Construction Software is backed by Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), a global software company that acquires and builds high market share, mission-critical vertical market software companies. CSI consistently maintains profitable growth and is entirely debt-free.

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