Dorsett Technologies Case Study


Based out of North Carolina, Dorsett Technologies has been designing, manufacturing and installing air quality, HVAC and energy management control systems for government, military and institutional facilities since 1956. Their control systems are trusted by municipalities, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force, NASA and corporate customers across the United States.

Disconnected From The Beginning

From the outset, Dorsett Technologies could not get on the same page with their software system, Maxwell American Contractor. One of the main reasons this occurred was due to a lack of understanding about what Dorsett was trying to achieve.

As Patricia, Project Coordinator at Dorsett stated, “With the third-party, outsourced trainers that were assigned to us by Maxwell, we never really felt like they understood us as a company and all of the different facets of our business.”

Another issue Dorsett had with Maxwell was the level of support they received. “We consistently had unresolved cases with Maxwell, and some were never solved at all, even until we decided to make the switch to Jonas,” stated Patricia. When Maxwell was eventually acquired by Viewpoint, Dorsett continued to experience the same kind of issues, and it became quite evident that a change was necessary.

Why Jonas Construction Software

The process was entirely different with Jonas Construction Software. Not only was Dorsett up and running within only three months, but the training they received truly put them in a position to succeed. “The trainers we had were extremely knowledgeable and were very honest with us from the beginning. During the initial kick-off, they really took the time to understand our business needs, which made the whole training process that much smoother,” Patricia stated.

Even after Jonas Construction Software was fully deployed, Dorsett has continued to receive best-in-class support from Jonas, which has allowed them to focus on running their business. With Jonas in place, their employees are much more satisfied, which has improved office morale and productivity as well.

Other Significate Determining Factors

  • Very personalized relationships based on trust developed during the sales process.
  • A true partnership and understanding from day one.
  • Consistent support throughout the initial training and implementation.
  • A truly integrated and automated construction software solution.

Are You Ready To Make The Switch?

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