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Heartland Mechanical Contractors Case Study


Heartland Mechanical Contractors, a trusted commercial heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) company in Southern Illinois, offers comprehensive services across industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. In 2002, the company decided to upgrade their operations. They incorporated Jonas Construction Software to address important concerns that were ultimately impacting their costs and profits.

A construction worker in safety attire using Jonas Construction Software on a digital tablet, holding rolled blueprints in an industrial basement with overhead pipes.

Before Jonas Construction Software:
1. Heartland had overbilling issues.
2. Tracking change orders was tough.
3. Limited reporting and invoicing was a problem.
4. Mobile transition readiness was lacking.

After Jonas Construction Software:
1. Subcontract control is now efficient.
2. Change order billing is improved.
3. Flexible reporting and invoicing impress clients.
4. Mobile transition is now achievable.

From Initial Transition to Profound Transformation

After implementing Jonas Construction Software, Heartland Mechanical witnessed a significant boost in overall business efficiency. The company managed to double their workforce, thus increasing their scale by 100%, without the necessity to expand their back-office staff.

“We are now able to easily track and manage subcontractors to make sure we are not getting overbilled. The process is now much more efficient, which not only helps us save time, but money as well.”

One noteworthy improvement area was subcontract control. “I can’t imagine not having the subcontract control from Jonas,” stated Carrie Dierks, Controller at Heartland Mechanical Contractors. Jonas’ construction software solutions, especially the service management software, have allowed Heartland Mechanical to operate more efficiently and avoid overbilling while tracking and managing subcontractors. Their construction accounting software has greatly improved Heartland Mechanical’s financial operations and project management. It ultimately helped them address concerns around spending unncessary time, energy, and resources and allowed them to focus on growing their business.

Benefiting from a Customized Solution and Responsive Support

Partnering with Jonas Construction Software equipped Heartland Mechanical with a software solution tailored to their specific business needs. When it came to support from Jonas, the team was there with immediate assistance when required, resulting in reduced downtime and increased productivity.

“We love that the Jonas Account Management Team regularly keeps in contact with us to make sure everything is going well and if there is anything further we need. It’s nice to know that if we ever have a question or concern, there is a dedicated account manager at Jonas whom we can reach out to.”

Reporting and Invoicing Excellence

Another advantage of the Jonas system was how its fields were tied to forms they needed to send (like invoices) and reports they needed to create. With Jonas, Heartland is now able to track both standard fields and custom fields, and build invoices and reports, with both types of fields, to help meet the needs of their business. This even impressed their customers, who appreciated the professional invoicing facilitated by Jonas.

Preparing for the Future with Mobile Solutions

As Heartland Mechanical embarks on the journey towards mobile solutions, Jonas offers the necessary capabilities without the need for another software system. This allows Heartland to maintain continuity while staying updated with the latest technology.

Conclusion: A Flourishing Business with Jonas Construction Software

Since 2002, Heartland Mechanical has witnessed steady improvement and growth thanks to Jonas Construction Software. Their efficient tracking and managing of subcontractors, and related billings, have saved them considerable time and money. Moreover, the ongoing support from Jonas and the assurance of a dedicated account manager have added to Heartland’s confidence in the software. With a focus on day-to-day operations and business growth, Heartland Mechanical can rely on Jonas for a fully integrated and automated software solution that scales with their business.

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About Jonas Construction Software:

Jonas Construction Software delivers integrated business management and automated construction accounting software for mechanical and specialty contractors. With our fully-integrated suite of construction software solutions, we offer essential tools to boost operational efficiency and improve cash flow and profitability. At Jonas, we streamline your workflows and operations, allowing businesses to concentrate on their customers, jobs, and employees. By streamlining operations and providing better visibility across the organization, we empower employees with the tools they need to excel in their roles, support customers, and achieve company objectives.

Jonas Construction Software is supported by Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), a debt-free, global software company that acquires and develops high market share, mission-critical vertical market software firms. CSI consistently maintains profitable growth, ensuring a reliable partnership for your business.

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