Humboldt Electric Case Study


Humboldt Electric Ltd. provides the highest quality services in commercial, industrial, and residential wiring, computer and telephone cabling, fibre optics, and design/assist projects. Their aim is to stay at the forefront of technological advances while ensuring that they keep up with all new developments within the Electrical and Construction Industry.

With the objective of simplifying their business operations, reducing manual processes, and enhancing their collaboration and integration, Humboldt decided it was time to make a change. They wanted a software solution that could not only address these issues but also help make their employee’s lives easier and lead to a more productive work environment. Humboldt leveraged Jonas to not only handle their business needs today but also grow with them to handle future growth as well.

Recognizing The Problem

Prior to partnering with Jonas, Humboldt was using a combination of Abacus and ConstructJob to meet their construction software needs. With having two software systems in place, along with utilizing Excel spreadsheets, Humboldt found themselves doing a lot of double and triple entries. Not only was this extremely time consuming for their back-office staff, but was also prone to data entry errors which left their information susceptible to inaccuracy.

As Alicia Mascho-Verbeke, Office Manager at Humboldt Electric stated, “We wanted one solution that would encompass all aspects of our business, instead of using multiple software systems which led to a lot of duplicate entries and was just very inefficient overall.” 

Continuing to use this ineffective system of managing their business was no longer an option, and Humboldt quickly decided a change was needed.

Jonas Construction Software To The Rescue

Jonas Construction Software enabled Humboldt to run a more efficient accounting department while reducing their manual processes at the same time. With regards to their accounting department specifically, Humboldt was able to reduce the amount of time spent manually entering invoice and payroll information by 15 hours per week. When completing direct deposit to their employees, Jonas was able to eliminate the triple entry system they were using.

“Once we got Jonas, direct deposit could be done with Jonas only, and we no longer had to use both ConstructJob and Abacus to get this done, saving us both time and money,” stated Alicia. Humboldt is also using the Jonas Digio document management system, which has helped to reduce the amount of paper they are using and has allowed them to centrally store their information in one location for quick and easy access.


Through a disciplined implantation process, Humboldt has been able to utilize each functionality within Jonas to its fullest extent. As their business grows, they know they can grow with Jonas as part of Jonas’ Software for Life policy. Humboldt was extremely happy with the implementation process and how fast they were able to get up and running on Jonas.

Also, any time they call in for assistance, Alicia has been very pleased with how quickly they can get the help when needed saving them the time and stress of having to figure it out on their own, “I have been nothing but happy with the Jonas support team. Even just emailing or calling in, I always get a quick response back and they take the time to ensure the question is answered and we understand what we are doing.” Alicia also appreciates the help function within Jonas as well, “With the help function and the great step-by-step screenshots provided, I have been able to solve the issue 90% of the time, without having to email or call in to support.”


With Jonas, Humboldt is now operating a more functional and efficient business, with fewer manual processes and greater visibility. Not only have they replaced an entire third-party processing system with Jonas, but their back-office staff is now able to be more productive with the additional time savings. Having all of their information integrated into one system, they can access information quicker and are able to make more accurate and informed decisions as well. With the added help and guidance from the Jonas support team, they are confident anything is possible with Jonas.

About Jonas Construction Software

Jonas Construction Software provides industry-leading business management and accounting software to our clients. Our fully-integrated solutions provide all of the tools that you need to increase productivity and improve your bottom line. At Jonas, we make it easier for companies to focus on what is important – their customers, their projects and their employees. We do this by streamlining their operations and giving better visibility to the entire organization. This gives your employees the tools to do their jobs better, support your customers and achieve your company goals.

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