Red River Electric Case Study


Red River Electric, a reputable electrical contractor based in Moorhead, Minnesota, and since 1977 has been offering residential new construction, commercial construction, light industrial projects, and electrical services. As the company expanded its operations and continued to evolve, Red River Electric realized that their existing construction accounting software was not meeting their growing needs. They were looking for something that would connect their field and back office operations in such a way that would reduce their manual workload and improve efficiency across their business.

Before Jonas Construction Software:

1. Inefficient accounting software.

2. Time-consuming manual processes.

3. Limited reporting capabilities.

4. Outdated software.

5. Discouraged Project Managers.

6. Inefficient service billing.

After Jonas Construction Software:

1. Integrated accounting software.

2. Streamlined project management.

3. Advanced reporting capabilities.

4. Regular software updates.

5. User-friendly system.

6. Efficient service billing.

The Challenge: Inefficient Construction Accounting Software and Limited Reporting Capabilities

Jackie Peterson, the Controller at Red River Electric, stated, “The biggest issue with our system prior to Jonas Construction Software was that it was not fully integrated, especially with the service module, which led to a lot of duplicate entries and was just not very efficient.” The system lacked seamless integration, leading to duplicate entries and inefficiencies across the company. Additionally, Maxwell was not updated regularly, which was a cause for reflection as it did not align with Red River’s plans for improving their business. Project managers were also hesitant to use Maxwell due to, what Red River assessed to be,  its cumbersome nature, which limited their ability to manage projects effectively.

The Solution: Jonas Construction Software’s Fully Integrated Solution for Construction Operations

Determined to address these issues, Red River Electric turned to Jonas Construction Software. They found that Jonas provided a fully integrated, user-friendly solution that would help them improve their operational efficiency. Jackie Peterson, in the video case study, explained their decision, “When we were looking for software, …we were looking for something that was more integrated, and less Excel spreadsheets that we had to keep up on the side or digital files on the side. And Jonas seemed to be the best fit for that so the project managers can look at their jobs, look at their reports.”

Jonas Construction Software offered numerous features tailored to Red River Electric’s needs, such as streamlined project management, efficient service billing, real-time data, and effective construction reporting. With continuous updates and improvements, the software remained up-to-date and relevant to the industry’s ever-changing landscape.

A Seamless Transition and Exceptional Support

Red River Electric experienced a smooth transition to Jonas Construction Software, thanks to the exceptional support provided by the Jonas team. Jackie recalled the process,

One thing that pleasantly surprised me during the conversion, and what I was most apprehensive about, was extracting the data from the old software and moving it into the new one. That process was pretty seamless overall, even with a few hiccups, for the most part, it went very well. 

The Impact: Streamlined Service Billing and Enhanced Project Management

With Jonas Construction Software, Red River Electric saw significant improvements in their operations. The increased efficiency in service billing saved the service department 300 hours per year, allowing them to allocate resources more effectively. Jackie Peterson praised the Jonas service module, “With Jonas, we are able to complete service billing a lot faster, as we no longer have to re-enter hours, and our service department saves about 300 hours per year, allowing them to be much more productive in the process.”

Enhanced project management capabilities provided better visibility and control over projects, enabling project managers to make well-informed decisions and optimize resource allocation.

Conclusion: A Successful Partnership for Continued Growth

Red River Electric’s partnership with Jonas Construction Software has created more efficiency in their operations, enhanced the timeliness and accuracy of their data, and improved their construction reporting. The fully integrated solution has allowed them to optimize their service operation, reduce duplicate entries, and speed up service billing. Project managers now utilize Jonas Construction Software for better scheduling and project management, leading to increased visibility and improved project performance. Jackie expressed her satisfaction with the partnership, “Jonas is always there for us and truly cares about our needs, which is something that really stands out to us.”

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