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Red River Electric has been exceeding their client’s expectations in the electrical construction business since it was formed in 1977. Their services include a wide range of work including residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural projects. A third of their business is service-based, while the rest of their work is in new commercial construction.

As Red River began to grow and change as a company, they started to realize that their software system, Maxwell, was lacking in terms of a fully integrated software solution. Red River came to the conclusion that if they wanted to streamline and optimize their business processes, they would require a complete construction management software solution that could meet their specific needs and requirements. The solution they ended up selecting was Jonas Construction Software.

Recognizing The Problem

Before transitioning to Jonas Construction Software, Red River was using Maxwell as their software system. While Maxwell was able to work for them originally, as their needs changed and their requirements grew, they started to realize the deficiencies in Maxwell. “The biggest issue with Maxwell was that it was not fully integrated, especially with the service module, which led to a lot of duplicate entries and was just not very efficient,” stated Jackie Peterson, Controller at Red River Electric.

Another concern with Maxwell was that they stopped updating the software, which made the software antiquated with regards to keeping up with the latest technology. Maxwell was also quite cumbersome to use, so much so, that the project managers at Red River refused to use the system. It quickly became apparent to Red River, that if they wanted to continue to grow and improve as a business, they would require a more automated and integrated construction management software solution.

Jonas Construction Software To The Rescue

Since transitioning to Jonas Construction Software, Red River has truly been able to streamline and enhance their business from all aspects. One of the biggest areas of improvement has been in their service department.

“The Jonas service module is far and away better than any of the competing software systems we looked at,” stated Jackie Peterson. “With Jonas, we are able to complete service billing a lot faster, as we no longer have to re-enter hours, and our service department saves about 300 hours per year, allowing them to be much more productive in the process.”

Another area of improvement has been with their project managers. Since implementing Jonas, their project managers are now actually using the software, as opposed to when they had Maxwell. The project managers enjoy the ability to drill down into the details and access real-time information, which has provided them with greater visibility and improved management capabilities overall. The Project Scheduler from Jonas was also a big factor in selecting Jonas, as this was something other software vendors were unable to offer.


In selecting Jonas Construction Software, Red River Electric now has a fully integrated construction management software solution to run their business. With a smooth and seamless transition, Red River was up and running quickly, leveraging the internal training and support from Jonas. With regards to the support specifically, Red River has been very pleased. “Jonas is always there for us and truly care about our needs, which is something that really stands out to us,” stated Jackie. “The heart and personalities at Jonas are truly genuine and we just love the support overall.”

Red River was also able to export their data from Maxwell and easily import it into Jonas, which also contributed to the smooth transition process. The user-friendly nature of Jonas has provided both staff and management with the confidence to effectively use the software. For management, the Executive Dashboard within Jonas allows them to view a quick snapshot of how the business is doing at any time, allowing them to make better, more informed decisions in the process.


Since partnering with Jonas Construction Software, Red River Electric has been able to improve integration, become more productive, and enhance communication and collaboration throughout the business. With a fully integrated construction software solution, Red River has been able to improve the overall productivity of their service operation, while reducing duplicate entries and completing service billings much quicker.

The project managers at Red River are now using Jonas to better schedule and manage each project, providing them with greater visibility into project performance. With a software solution that is both user-friendly and robust, the staff at Red River is able to easily use the software to perform daily tasks and management is able to generate reports leveraging real-time, accurate information. The initial training put Red River Electric in a position to succeed from the outset, and the continued support gives them the confidence knowing they are backed by an industry-leading, fully integrated solution in Jonas Construction Software.

About Jonas Construction Software

Jonas Construction Software provides industry-leading business management and accounting software to our clients. Our fully-integrated solutions provide all of the tools that you need to increase productivity and improve your bottom line. At Jonas, we make it easier for companies to focus on what is important – their customers, their projects and their employees. We do this by streamlining their operations and giving better visibility to the entire organization. This gives your employees the tools to do their jobs better, support your customers and achieve your company goals. Over 25 years ago, we made a promise called ‘Software for Life’. This is our commitment to never phase out any of our products and to continue to invest in improving them, so you’ll never have to implement a new system. Jonas Construction Software is backed by Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), a global software company that acquires and builds high market share, mission-critical vertical market software companies. CSI consistently maintains profitable growth and is entirely debt-free.

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