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Masterclass Ep 25 – Service Contract Management Software That Improves Your Bottom Line

Masterclass Ep 25 – Service Contract Management Software That Improves Your Bottom Line


Streamline your maintenance agreements and automatically schedule visits with Jonas.

Service contracts provide a great opportunity for long-term revenue for any service provider – if managed properly.

Many service contractors find it a challenge to ensure that their contracts are accurate and executed to the expectations of the customer, while at the same time managing renewals, tracking maintenance history and warranty information on equipment, and communicating this information between the office and the field.

With our fully integrated, easy-to-use construction and service management software, you can effectively manage the complex and large-volume world of maintenance agreements.

Never lose track of a renewal, and easily create, customize and track preventative maintenance agreements for your customers with the click of a button. Full integration with accounting and dispatch allows you to automatically create preventative maintenance tickets and bill customers on a scheduled basis or at the time of service.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • Setting up the service contract profile, standard contract types & service items
  • Creating, customizing, and tracking Service Agreements
  • Service contract invoicing, renewals, and scheduling

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