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Masterclass Ep. 33 – Optimize Your Fleet and Equipment Cost Tracking

Masterclass Ep. 33 – Optimize Your Fleet and Equipment Cost Tracking


The management and control of equipment is critical in the construction industry – not doing so can often result in mismanaged projects and inaccurate job costing. It is therefore vital to maintain close accounting control over your equipment, which in turn leads to more accurate estimating on your jobs and greater profitability.

With Jonas, you can effectively maximize your investment on equipment and ensure that each piece of equipment is being used to the fullest extent. Our equipment management software makes it easy for you to track and report on all aspects of your equipment and connect their costs directly to your jobs, allowing you to make better business decisions. Complete integration with your financials, service, inventory, and payroll ensures that your financials are always accurate and up to date. Setup and maintain regular maintenance schedules associated with each unit so you can plan for down time resulting from maintenance requirements.

See how you can get the most out of your equipment by easily tracking their usage, maintenance and profitability – all from one fully-integrated software package.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • How to setup up and effectively manage your equipment in Jonas
  • Tracking actual costs and rental revenue for each piece of equipment – ensuring your estimates on your jobs are always accurate!
  • Scheduling equipment repair and maintenance
  • Financial Reporting and depreciation – determine if it’s worth continuing to maintain or if it’s time to replace your equipment.

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