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This image showcases the logo and text of "Jonas Construction Software Blog" positioned centrally against a blurry backdrop filled with orange safety helmets. The picture conveys a construction-related theme and points towards industry-specific content on the blog.
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Alt text: Project management illustration featuring mechanical contractors coordinating tasks on Jonas Construction Software, symbolized by a clock, bar chart, gears and puzzle pieces. There are also documents indicating planning and strategy activity. The colors used are pastel on a simple gray background.
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Flexible IT Strategic Planning for the Next Five Years (Featured in CFMA Building Profits Magazine)

Aug 31, 2017 While many contractors develop an overall business strategy, information technology (IT) is often underrepresented. However, with the ongoing shift toward a more ...
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partially visible in the background, symbolizing the active construction site they are in.
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Jonas Interview with 24/7 Massachusetts Contractors Academy

Aug 15, 2017 Yana Tcharnaia, Sales Manager at Jonas Construction Software recently did an interview with 24/7 Massachusetts Contractors Academy on how software is becoming more ...
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Alt text: A close-up shot of a hands holding a smartphone displaying a wireframe sketch. Wood desk background features essential workspace items including laptop, tablet and coffee cup - representing the technical work environment of specialty contractors utilizing Jonas Construction Software.
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5 Important Features A Contracting Website Must Have

Aug 03, 2017 For contracting businesses of all kinds, having an effective website becomes more important every day. The reason is simple — the mobile ...
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