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Life with & without a Construction Accounting Software Solution

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Last Updated on July 17, 2023

Oct 09, 2015

Without a Construction Accounting Solution:

Cathy, your financial controller, arrives at the office ready to start her day. As Cathy gets to her desk, she notices the usual stack of papers sitting there. Purchase orders, change orders, technician’s hours, bills, invoices, and payroll that all needs to be entered into the system. Because Cathy is so far behind already, she skips her usual morning coffee and goes straight to work entering the data. As she tries to input the information as quick as possible, she notices that she has been entering data in the wrong column in Excel and has duplicated a few entries as well. Frustrated, she corrects these mistakes, but thinks to herself, “How many other errors might I have made entering purchase orders and technician’s hours today already?” Nonetheless, she moves on as she is already behind and can’t afford to fall even further behind. She finishes inputting the information into Excel and realizes that today is the end of the month and she needs to do month end closing journal entries, close the books, and produce reports for management. With the information being stored in multiple spreadsheets, this always proves to be a nightmare for Cathy. Just gathering the information takes Cathy a few hours and she is still uncertain everything is accurate and up-to-date. She generates her report through Excel and sends it to the CFO for approval. By the end of the day at 8:00pm, Cathy is exhausted and still has a bad feeling that her report may be inaccurate. She heads home and hopes that tomorrow morning there isn’t another fire to put out.

With a Construction Accounting Solution:

Cathy arrives at the office, quickly takes a look at her desk, and only sees a bit of paperwork. No pressing issues to address. She takes the time to have a quick breakfast and then gets to work. Since implementing a construction accounting software solution, such as Jonas Construction Software, Cathy has had all purchase orders, change orders, and technician’s hours inputted directly into the system with approvals in place. All of the field technicians are using a mobile solution, like Jonas eMobile for example, where they are able to upload their hours directly from the field, along with their paperwork into Jonas without having to travel back to the office. All of the information from the field and other areas of Jonas are leveraged to directly bill and invoice customers effortlessly. By having a centralized paperless document management system, like Jonas Digio, all of the information is available online for Cathy to access, which provides all of the audit information to support the process of completing her month end reports in Jonas DataMart. By reducing the amount of monotonous work for Cathy, she is much more satisfied with her job and has been much more productive overall as well. Having all of the company’s financial information stored directly into a construction accounting software solution like Jonas, Cathy knows that all of the data in the system is up-to-date and she can generate accurate reports in real-time. With that being said, Cathy can quickly complete her month end journal entries, close her books faster, and produce better reports for management. She creates her month end report and sends it to the CFO, confident the report accurately reflects the current state of the business. The end of the day arrives and Cathy heads home at 5:00pm knowing that the technicians will be paid properly, the information in the system is correct, and her reports are accurate.

Which one of these scenarios sounds like the better option? Life with a construction accounting software solution will not only eliminate time consuming and error prone double entry processes, but will also increase your employee’s satisfaction as well.

Request a free demo today and found out how your business can benefit with Jonas Construction Software!

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