Still playing in the Minors? Make the Jump to a Major League Construction Software!

Apr 06, 2016

When it comes to selecting a software solution for your construction business, the decision can be a tough one. Are my employees likely to adopt this system? Will this increase our revenue? Can this help streamline our business? These are just some of the questions that are considered when it comes to choosing the right construction software solution. However, while many businesses focus on how the software system will meet their day-to-day needs, most do not consider the other value-added functionalities that can take your business from good to great. For example, with the emergence of mobile technology in the construction industry, the communication gap between the office and field is shrinking. Construction businesses that do not have a software system leveraging mobile technology capabilities are finding that they are quickly falling behind and cannot keep up with industry demands. Construction software that is only able to complete limited tasks with minimal integration is no longer acceptable, and will leave your business stuck in the minors instead of competing with the professionals.

When decisions are being made on a construction software system, typically several needs are established. Whether it be a mix of accounting, payroll, service contract, service management, inventory, or reporting, businesses focus on what is most useful to their day-to-day needs. While these processes help streamline your business operations, opportunities are being missed to further grow your business with enhanced functionalities. Let’s explore this further with an example.

If your business is primarily service based for instance, you likely have a lot of technicians in the field completing jobs daily. While your business may have a dispatch system currently, there are advancements that can help streamline this process even further. Take the Jonas Dispatch Scheduler with GPS Routing functionality for instance. With the user-friendly interface, tickets can be easily dragged and dropped to the appropriate technician, which can be determined by locating the nearest available technician via GPS technology. Not only will this save dispatch valuable time finding a technician to complete a new job, but the field technicians will be used more efficiently as well. Taking this example one step further, imagine your company’s technicians were equipped with Jonas eMobile as well. Instead of having to constantly come back to the office and hand in paperwork, technicians can complete work orders and capture signatures directly from the field, which is then automatically synchronized into the Jonas system. If you think that sounds great, we can take this example even further. With the Jonas Digio document management system, all information entered by technicians and office staff is integrated within a central location, and with the Jonas DataMart Reporting Solution, this centralized information can be leveraged to generate reports utilizing specialized report engines you are already familiar with, such as Microsoft Excel for example.

What this example demonstrates is how additional functionalities can help improve the overall efficiency of your construction business, which in turn can help increase your bottom line. Through implementing a fully-integrated construction software solution and partnering with a forward-thinking company such as Jonas Construction Software, you can be confident in your software solution today as well as into the future. Don’t get stuck in the minors, make the switch to Jonas Construction Software and start using a construction software solution that will allow your company to compete with the heavy hitters.