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Two construction workers wearing safety attire actively using Jonas Construction Software on a tablet for accounting purposes, with an indistinct backdrop indicating they are at an offsite location.
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Construction Management vs. Project Management: Do You Need Them Both?

Dec 16, 2019 A commonly confused pair of terms in the construction industry are construction management and project management. They are often used interchangeably under ...
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Two construction professionals completing a job agreement, with safety gear such as a hard hat and glasses and tools like a measuring tape displayed on the table. This partnership was facilitated by Jonas Construction Software, which aids in efficient project management and operation.
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6 Construction Bonding Facts Every Contractor Should Know

If you are a construction business owner or investor, you may already be familiar with construction bonds. Construction bonds play a crucial role in the ...
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Three professional men, identified as specialty contractors, are engrossed in reviewing content on a laptop in an office setting. They exhibit signs of engagement and collaboration. Two of the men are Caucasian while the other is African American. All three are dressed in formal business attire, emphasizing their professional roles within the construction industry.
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11 Customer Support Services You Want in Construction Management Software

Selecting the right construction management software is a multi-faceted decision, requiring evaluation of key features like scalability, integration capabilities, and the ability to offer a ...
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Alt text: A professional analyzing intricate pie-chart data on a laptop using the Jonas Construction Software. Their hands are navigating through a report with a pen, reflecting in-depth interaction with the software. The office desk is filled comprehensively with stacks of documents, a filled coffee cup, and an array of office supplies, conveying an efficient work atmosphere.
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When it’s Time to Switch from QuickBooks to an ERP Solution

As contracting businesses continue to grow, relying on Excel spreadsheets for accounting and Job Costing becomes a limitation. When this occurs, many businesses leverage QuickBooks for ...
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